A world of free services to make your visit special and unforgettable

At L’Aljub Shopping Centre we have a mission: to make your stay memorable. Therefore, we take maximum care of every detail to offer you a wide range of services. Your experience and well-being come first, that’s why we like to take care of the little details so that you can enjoy your visit and have an experience exclusive and unique. Therefore, we offer you the access to a large number of totally free services and facilities.

We invite you to try them all!

Extra services


The management offices are located on the top floor.


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The shopping centre has two elevators to connect the three floors and are available to all who need it.


We have four toilets for men, women and special toilets for the disabled, located both on the ground floor and upstairs of the shopping centre.

Electronic scales

You have electronic scales in the Shopping Centre at your disposal.


ATMs of Banco Sabadell (Servired) and ING.

Oil container

You can recycle the excess oil that you have in your home in our containers.

Clothing and footwear container

For the recovery of textiles, in the shopping centre we have a container for clothing and footwear located at access 3, Zara square, near the Taxi stop.

Mechanic stairs

The shopping centre has ramps and mechanic stairs that facilitates access to the different floors.

Anti- asphyxia device

L’Aljub Shopping Centre is a space protected against asphyxia by choking. We have the LiveVac anti-suffocation emergency device.

Pick up points

We have the Amazon collection lockers service. You can find it on our ground floor, between the Pandora stores (local B-16) and Jack & Jones (local B17-18).

Zona Wifi

App Exclusive
Free service throughout the shopping centre, so you are always connected.

Rest zone

Located throughout the mall so you can relax during your shopping day or while waiting for your friends and family.

Clean shoes

App Exclusive
Your shoes always perfect with the shoe cleaning kit whenever you need it.


App Exclusive
We have free locker service. You can find them on the ground floor, in the hallway next to Springfield Store.

Personal Shopper

New 1-hour fashion consulting service to help improve your image and self-esteem through a unique and personalized experience for you.

24-hour security

Your experience in the Shopping Centre always safe with our 24-hour security service.

Visitor services

Information Point

If you have any questions, come and ask, we can surely help you. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Hygiene kit

App Exclusive
Hygiene kit that you will find in our toilets, which contain samples of products from our operators.


Next to the Information Point, you will find the Book-Crossing panel where you can leave those books that you already have read and take new ones from other people to read and follow the chain.


At our Information Point we have free raincoats. They are useful if on rainy days you have to pick up the car from the outdoor parking lot or go to the bus stop.

Beauty Kit

App Exclusive
Beauty kit that you will find in our toilets, which contain samples of products from our operators.

Umbrella loan

On rainy days, if you need an umbrella you can request it at the Information Point.


We have a tablet with internet access for anyone who wants to make a specific inquiry. Ask Information Point and carry out your searches there.

Whatsapp Service

We offer customer service by WhatsApp, the phone number is 682 272 606 and the available hours are Monday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.. Saturdays and holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Phone charger

You can charge your mobile phone at the Information Point located on the ground floor next to the central square.

Gift packaging

In the shopping centre, next to the Information Point, we offer to our clients the service to personally pack their gifts


If you have a mechanical problem and need tools, we have them at the Information Point.

Sewing kit

Sewing kit to fix any problem that arises in your clothing during your experience at l’Aljub

Family Services

Childish games

For the entertainment of the little ones, the shopping centre has small children’s attractions located throughout the gallery

Baby Carrier

We have the Ergo-baby Adapt adjustable model for new-borns, with the possibility of crossing the straps to customize the fit and with lumbar support for greater comfort. The service is completely free and only a deposit will be requested, which will be returned after the backpack is delivered.

Nursery room

App Exclusive
A comfortable room located on the ground floor where mothers can breastfeed.

Baby changer

The shopping centre has changing tables for babies in the men’s and women’s toilets and in the lactation room

Identification bracelet

At L’Aljub we offer identification bracelets for children to be able to quickly locate the father / mother in case of loss. It can be requested free of charge at the Information Point.

Diaper and wipe service

We have incorporated a new diaper and wipe service for times of urgency with the little ones. Ask for it at the Information Point

Cart rental

If you need it, we can lend you a stroller for your baby to make your purchases more comfortable

Children’s car rental

Rent a stroller so your little one can have fun while you shop.


L’Aljub has the largest toboggan in the Valencian community. Come and enjoy our playground with the little ones. Located between floor 1 in front of the information point and floor 2 where the restaurants of the shopping centre are located.

Mobility and transport services

Bike parking

We have several bike racks for those who prefer to use a healthier and more environmentally friendly option when coming to the shopping centre

Bus Stop

The shopping centre is perfectly connected by city buses, and can be accessed by lines: I, K, G and R2

Electric car charger

The shopping centre has two electric vehicle charging stations in the underground car park in zone 2B5, and one in the Tesla outdoor car park. You need to call the mall for activation

Car battery charger

We also have a car battery charger loan service for those customers who need it. They can request it free of charge from security personnel

Taxi stop

At one of the main gates, the shopping centre has a taxi rank where vehicles are always available to customers

Free Parking

Enjoy your shopping comfortably by leaving your car in the free parking of the Shopping Centre.

Scooter parking

If you come by scooter to the Shopping Centre you can leave it parked in the scooter parking lot.

Accessibility services

Wheelchair Accessibility / Loan

The entire centre is wheelchair accessible. We also have a wheelchair loan. Customers who need it can request it free of charge at the Information Point, leaving a deposit that will later be returned to them

Disabled places

You will find places adapted for people with reduced mobility next to the main entrances

Disabled toilets

Toilets enabled for people with mobility