Cultural space

At L’Aljub Shopping Center we have the Cultural Space, a perfect place to hold small exhibitions of photography, painting, writing, etc. A space to brought closer the public of our Shopping Centre to different artistic exhibitions.

Solidarity Space


L’Aljub Shopping Centre makes the Solidarity Space available to the public. A place that has the function of promoting and disseminating non-profit projects and campaigns of groups and entities. A showcase for NGOs, associations and anyone who is committed to a cause of solidarity

Business Space

A concept that consists of providing an area to promote and help traditional companies, entrepreneurs or start-ups. An initiative that was born with the aim of favouring and making visible different business projects that require promotion.

It’s time for change, to start thinking about the future, to act responsibly and take care of what is to come. Because together we can improve it. At L’Aljub we want to be the origin and starting point of a transformation that has already become a reality. And we want you to be part of it.

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Sustainability and environment

  • At L’Aljub Shopping Centre we have the BREEAM Spain Sustainability Certificate.

  • Among other services we have recycling containers at your service.

Pet Friendly

You can enjoy your experience at L’Aljub Shopping Centre with your pet.

Solidarity and commitment

At L’Aljub Shopping Centre we are committed to the well-being of our customers and environment. You can enjoy our actions and solidarity events 

News and current affairs

Keep up to date with all the solidarity and environmental actions that are developed in L’Aljub Shopping Centre or with which we collaborate.

L’Aljub regala flores en el Hospital de Elche para celebrar el Día de la Madre

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El centro comercial en colaboración con la empresa Semiflor Agropecuaria ha repartido 500 plantas entre todas las personas hospitalizadas y el personal sanitario   El Centro Comercial L’Aljub, gestionado por…

Relato «La Verdad» de Ana Isabel Gil Picazo, de Escritores en su Tinta

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¡Viernes de lectura! Hoy les traemos un nuevo relato, en este caso de Ana Isabel Gil Picazo, quien nos lee un fragmento titulado "La Verdad" del libro "Cambalache" Como sabéis…

L’Aljub lanza una donación social para qué el público elija a quién ayudar

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Bajo la consigna #LAljubMásSolidarioQueNunca el centro comercial está haciendo de altavoz solidario para dar difusión a los colectivos más perjudicados   Prosigue el confinamiento y los más necesitados, conforme avanzan…